photo by Erin Ford
Written By

Their thoughts, their wonders,
their expressions –
the mystery of it all
swirls around my head
as I get sucked into
the hole of anxiety.

Their opinions shouldn’t
matter, I tell myself.
And yet, I yearn for
their acceptance.
But who are they?

Imperfect people
they hide behind masks.
Inviting others to be just
like them, when in reality,
they feel just like me.

“Let go.” He says to me.
He takes my hand and I find peace.
The Lover of my Soul is the
only One who truly accepts me.
And it’s more than enough.

The craving for acceptance is one that seeps into all areas of my life. The desire of acceptance from friends, teachers, and even family members can cause me anxiety, stress and discontentment. No one is perfect, and if we try to achieve satisfaction from others ultimately it will lead to disappointment. We can’t ever please people 100% of the time – and yet if we try, it will only lead to pain. The Lover of my Soul is the only one who truly accepts me.