An Introduction…
Photo by Christian Chansong Park
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Let this function
as an introduction
to what I’m about
and what this blog will be about

My name is DW
in some ways, I’m nothing like you
In others, I’m so much like you
Like a typical guy, I get a daily dose of Sportscentre
And can remember
when I wanted to do
Was to be Like Mike
I also know what it’s like
to see a huge spike
in your inability to function
at private gatherings or public functions
because you just locked eyes with your Crush
lucky for me, girls can’t see when they make me blush

I’m Canadian raised, NOT Canadian born
so sometimes I feel like my identity’s torn
I’m a bit of a poet
so I like using Haikus and Limericks
to show I’m really slick
got a slight bend towards introversion
so one of the places I often go to unwind
is well…… mind
every once in awhile, I’ll retreat into a book
usually my poetry book
where I take inspiration from catchy song hooks
to write my own tales of Peter Pan & Captain Hook

you should know I have a pretty cool job
where I get experience the world’s diversity
Everyday I get walk unto the university
and connect with students
some very similar and some very different

I get to hear the dreams they’re are dreaming,
where they find purpose & meaning
I especially love it, when students
let me see beyond their outfits,
beyond their make-up
and show me their heart’s true make-up
In my conversations, I see common threads unfold
common cravings of the human soul 

One man once said
since we have food to satisfy our hunger,
water to satisfy our thirst
that the cravings of our souls, they probably aren’t flirts
that should lead us to places empty or cold
Rather these cravings point to something that will satisfy our souls 

In light of all that
I hope to use this blog
to share via the poetic art
a bit of my heart
and most importantly, play a part
in your exploration of life’s deeper questions
Along the way I’ll give a few suggestions
Give some helpful resources a mention
and bring attention
to that which will satisfy your soul

Now you know me and what this blog is about
& I hope my cravings can be a place where we can chat and hangout
until the next Rhyme, DW out

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