At the Beginning
Photo by: RHiNO NEAL
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As I begin to write about films both feature length and short, it seems like a good exercise to contemplate why I even watch films. It strikes me that there are as many answers to that question as there are types of films, but I will try to narrow down.

Films are a commentary on what it means to be human. Emotion. Struggle. Action. Relationships. Escape. I want to be immersed in an alternate world. I want to feel something deeply. So as I contemplate the question of why I watch films, what really matters is how the story is able to transport me into the world of the characters. Are they authentic? Are their motivations believable? Are there gaping holes in the plot that pull me out of the story?

There are many things that make a great movie, but for me it’s all about characters and story. A story cannot exist without compelling characters, and story becomes the vehicle to reveal great characters. They are forever intertwined.

In future posts I will be exploring the themes of films where story or characters have gripped me.

In the meantime, here are a couple questions for you:

  • What makes you watch movies?
  • What movies do you really enjoy?


Let me know below.