Confessions of a Bandwagon Blackhawks Fan
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After being called out on it over facebook and in the desire to be transparent, I confess: I am a bandwagon Blackhawks fan (BBF).

What are the features of a BBF?

There may be more out there, especially in the Chicago area where I have recently moved to study at a graduate school. Common characteristics of a BBF include asking people who won last night’s game (rather than finding out yourself), not knowing more than 10% of the team roster, knowing no other Blackhawks fans personally, owning no Chris Chelios memorabilia.

What made you think you could get away with it?

From the moment I realized that the Blackhawks were doing phenomenal and due to the fact that I am now living in the Chicago area, I thought that I could legitmately claim the title of a Blackhawks fan, because well…I am a Chicagoan right? Well after making a statement on Facebook “I’m glad to see my Blackhawks are still undefeated” my accusers mounted their charges against me. I thought my defense would hold. I am persuaded now there’s no getting around it, I am not a follower of the Blackhawks, nor a Blackhawks fan, I am a Blackhawks Bandwagon fan (BBF). This does not mean I can’t become a true follower, much less a legit fan of the Blackhawks someday (after all, I live in Chicago now). But for now if I am honest, I will need to live with the reality that I am a BBF unless proven otherwise.

Why did I do it?

Simple, I wanted to share in the glory of the blackhawks’ victories. If I am their fan, when they win, I win! But if they lose, I can reserve the right to disassociate myself with them. I wanted all the rewards without any of the consequences.

Am I the only one?

If we reflect honestly, we are fans in many things, but followers in few things. How many of us would be on facebook if it wasn’t popular? How many of us would watch the shows we watch, or listen to the music we listen to, or wear the clothes we wear, or pursue the career path we are on if it wasn’t well liked and esteemed by others? There are many fans today, but few followers.

What makes someone a follower rather than a fan? (See my conclusions here)

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