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I’m so exhausted.
How do they keep it all together?
A smile, a laugh,
such things hide a quiet soul.

I’m so disappointed.
Situations seem so different
then once imagined under
a vast Indian sky.

Oh, how I wish I could return!
To leave behind conflict,
school, and the dream of love.
Life’s troubles never escape you.

You never know what was,
what is, or what is to come.
But distance protects you like
a warm Indian night.
It’s comforting.

I need space. I need clarity.
I need hope and encouragement.
My soul longs for the day
when I can run away,
as I am afraid. I need escape.

But there He is.
A flash of bright light.
Standing there, clothed in white
and filled with peace.
Reaching out His hand He says,
“Come and run with me.”

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