Final Exams Do Not Have The Last Word
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Final Exams are upon us if not crushing us. Each day the exam behemoth looms larger and larger. These exams are leading me to guard my schedule a lot more and reassess my priorities. There’s a lot riding on them! For many of us, failure in our exams is not an option. Whether it means pulling all nighters, drinking more coffee, or cancelling our social plans, this time of year brings on the fight for survival!

Do you believe this?

We are culturally conditioned to disbelieve this. It’s never explicitly said this way, but your grades, who you know, how you dress, what career you attain is often considered the measure of your worth in our culture. But we have had social reformers come before us to challenge that idea and we admire them for it. Heroes like Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, and Abraham Lincoln all appealed to the idea that our intrinsic worth and dignity is what makes us human apart from our performance.

Have you considered this final exam season that your dignity is what defines you, not your performance? What do you think our dignity tells us about how and why we have been made?

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