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She lies there, empty, while he touches her
Broken, she feels trapped and hopeless
This reality is death living inside of her
Dreams and desires of a girl long ago
are tattered and forgotten.

One night, she enters a building to seek escape
Gentle smiles welcome her into safety
An offer of tea warms the girl whose
soul is shrouded in a cloud of darkness;
The girl sits for a moment in peace.

Again she returns to this place
Bruises cover her arms; she is blanketed with shame
But the kindness she feels there reaches through her veil
These people, this place, is different
She has never experienced such comfort from others.

Her body, broken and scarred, begins to heal
She learns to trust and open up to these people around her
At the hands of these people and the spirit of this place,
her heart discovers hope.

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3 thoughts on “Hope

    1. Erin FordErin Ford

      Hey Rachel, thanks for that video! Do you think people search for hope outside of God? What do you think they find?

    2. Erin FordErin Ford

      Hey Rachel! Thanks for sending that video – it was really good. Do you think people try to find hope outside of God? What do you think the result of this is? Have you ever done that in your own life?

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