Let Me Love
photo by Frank Wuestefeld
Written By

Let me have your heart
not the joy and gladness
but the pain and sadness
the sorrow that you know every day
Let me have your heart break
the intensity of your fire
your passion and your desire
the love that is rejected and despised

Let me love as you do
When forsaken

I will not settle for mediocre, store-bought love
A love that is defined by
hesitancies, deceptions and lies
There is no risk in love inhibited by fear
And love without risk is no love at all
It is worthless
A forgery on the tip of a tongue;
thrown about wildly and consumed willingly

I will partake of this cheap love no more
I will choose love
As this love has chosen me
Real love
The original
The only love that is alive
No other love can satisfy

As I am loved so will I embrace love
So will I surrender to love
So will I pursue love
The steadfast love of him, who is Love

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