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When I first heard about Pinterest I was immediately in love. I remember the days of trying to bookmark things on my browser and forgetting which was which because the title wasn’t clear enough for me, especially when I was marking several of the same things. I’m a visual person and so I remember the picture, hence being thrilled with the idea. I spend a decent amount of time on Pinterest and have ever since I signed up some two years ago. My current stats are 37 boards, 1,564 pins, and 357 likes in case you were wondering how much I use it.

For beginners

How do you use Pinterest?

Pinterest is essentially a visual bookmark site. You ‘pin’ your bookmarks to pinboards that you’ve categorized to help organize them. I started with a Recipes pinboard that became so gargantuan that I separated pins to have a dessert pin board, a veggies pin board and even a pin board dedicated to my eggplant and butternut squash obsessions. You can categorize however you would like and pin any website that has a picture.

some of my pinboards

How exactly do I pin something?

There are a few different ways to pin. First, you can follow others and when you do that your Pinterest home screen will feature all of the recently pinned items from your followers.

You easily click the PinIt button to pin to your own board.  

The second way you can pin is by adding a browser bookmarklet (shortcut) in your browser. If you go to // you’ll find a heading that says “The Pin It Button.” As the directions indicate (depending on your browser) you should just drag that button into your browser’s shortcut bar. If you’re using Chrome it will invite you to install the button, which is essentially the same thing. Now you can start pinning images from outside pinterest. You could practice now by trying to pin one of the images from this article.

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What is the social etiquette? (Is it weird to follow people I don’t know?)

The following etiquette is more like Twitter than it is like Facebook. This means, you can feel free to follow people you don’t know if they are pinning content that you enjoy. You don’t need to feel pressure to follow people you don’t have shared interests with even if you’re friends with.

Can I tag a friend who might like my pin?

You sure can. In that image you’ll noticed I tagged myself (shameless self promotion) by typing in my username @jesslin. It converted my username to my name. Once you type the @ sign, a list of suggested users will pop up as you continue typing.

What’s the benefit of using Pinterest?

Personally, I benefit from Pinterest as a place to store ideas, articles, and other things that other people might be interested in pinning. For example, my board “Sugar Free Kitchen” are recipes I I adapted and then posted online on my blog. Pinterest can be a great way to get your own content ‘out there’ on the internet.

What if I want to keep my pins secret?

You’re in luck. Pinterest recently added secret boards. Each user can have up to three boards.

Can I pin to a board with a friend?

You sure can. When you create your board there’s a space for you to add the person you want to share the board with. You can also open up the board to be free for anyone to add to.

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    Haha, I was wondering that exact thing about Pinterest board-following social etiquette. I’ve become an on-and-off Pinterest addict: I won’t go on it at all for a few weeks, and then suddenly I’ll rack up dozens of pins in an hour! It’s pretty useful to store ideas and websites for future use… but it’s more fun to plan imaginary weddings on it, tbh.

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