Eduardo Amorim
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Four years done,
looking into a black hole
of uncertainty.
The deep, unfathomable unknown
of the future.
Where is my life headed?

Her body cracks and crumbles
from within.
Sickness spreads as I watch my friend
succumb to cancer.
She’s fighting so hard
but fear fastens around my heart.

Hate and evil spreads everywhere.
Terror swells as innocent
children are slaughtered like lambs.
Our world has become an uncertain
and dangerous place.
Overwhelmed with grief I
turn off the news.

Purpose seems lost amid the brokenness.
But wait – a new dawn approaches.
A new earth, hope, and healing.
Restoration, revision, and redemption.
My heart wonders, “Is it possible?”

Light overwhelms me as the darkness flees.
A voice cries out, “Fear not. Take heart.
I have overcome the world.”

When I look at the world around me I notice that we, as people, place our hope in temporal things: money, family, jobs, people. Our purpose in life is to be a top student, to get that job, to maintain that relationship or to even be a good person. But when we lose our job, fail an exam, experience the death of a family member or the end of a relationship, we are left with this void – an emptiness that cannot be filled with anything this world offers. I’ve come to realize that our world is ultimately broken, filled with despair and disappointment.

We seem to have this void that cannot be satisfied, where purposeless meets brokenness.

I had a void inside of me that couldn’t be filled with anything in this world. I often would pursue excellence in school, intimacy in relationships or escape from life’s burdens and troubles, but none of these things would complete me. I deeply longed for purpose in every area of my life and even though I tried, I couldn’t find it in grades, boyfriends, or novels. I felt empty, broken and directionless.

One day I realized that the void inside of me was actually a deep longing for God because He is the only one who can truly complete me. When I decided to trust and believe in Jesus I discovered that through knowing God I could find true purpose in life. I started to understand God’s character (good, all-knowing, powerful, creator, father, perfect, holy), and trust in His direction for my life. I was transformed from feeling empty and lost, to finding true purpose in knowing and having a relationship with God.

Do you sometimes feel that void, that broken emptiness?

Have you ever considered that God has offered you a relationship with him in Jesus with the purpose you were made for?

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One thought on “Purpose

  1. Eric David Nielsen

    I resonate with these lines: “Hate and evil spreads everywhere…Overwhelmed with grief I turn off the news.” I find that part of me wants to hide from the brokenness in the world around me and pretend its not there. But that would mean I would be closing myself off to reality. I think if there was no meaning that informs how to understand the senseless violence and brokenness we see around us and in us, then we would go crazy, could not function, and most of all-fail to be human any longer. Your poem encourages me in hope that brokenness does not have the word but God does.

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