What Do Canadian Students Crave? The Results Are In.
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What do Canadian students crave? This past fall the student organization I’m involved in, Power to Change, conducted a nationwide survey of over 24,305 university students on 38 campuses. The question they asked students was:

What do you most crave in life?

Out of 15,597 students who responded in Canada:

4,933 students craved fun (32%).
2,975 students craved good grades (19%).
1,929 students craved relationship (12%).
1,479 students craved money (9%).

Does it surprise you that fun is number 1 on the list? It makes sense to me. Thrill. Adventure. Excitement. I’ll take that.

Why should we expect to lose this desire as we get older? I remember as a kid how I could play basketball for hours on end in the summer, dream of conquering giants, and suck back slurpees like it was nobody’s business. Why did I do this? Because it was fun! I know, I know, we can’t act like kids all our lives. Of course we need to grow up. There are serious things in life. But do we have to let go of the desire for fun in the process? Do we have to abandon our childlike wonder and awe, our love of fun, as we grow older, or can we preserve it throughout life? There is a wonder and awe of being a kid looking for fun, that doesn’t go away when we grow up.

I wonder if 32% of university students in Canada saying they most crave fun is an indication that we are wired for thrill, adventure, and excitement, and are unsatisfied in life unless we experience it.

What do you think?

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