What Is Love?

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“Commitment” and “sacrifice” are concepts which don’t easily fit with our modern cultural conception of love. Yet these concepts have long been considered inherent to what love is. Is it possible for love to be that which preserves our personal freedom but at the same time, is passionately concerned for the interests of the other? Consider whether this is possible while watching Bill and Glad’s demonstration of 50 years of love and more.

Do you think it’s still possible to love the same person for 50 years of marriage? If so, what makes it possible?

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3 thoughts on “What Is Love?

  1. Maranatha Kim

    As much as I wish to become the husband that Bill has been to his wife of 50 years, I know that no commitment I make now will mean anything for certain 5 or 50 years from now.
    I also know I can start practicing that kind of love today, and tomorrow, and start living like the man I want to be.
    But knowing myself for too long, I am sure that I will fail.

    As Bill mentions, I agree that it is God’s first demonstration of love that enables us to experience, understand and imitate loving others unconditionally and sacrificially.

  2. Eric David Nielsen

    Selfless love. I bet Bill never would have thought many years later people may view his example as heroic. Its crazy how the things which don’t get press time in the home are where some of the most significant investments in life take place. Thanks for your comment Maranatha.

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