About Us

Every person across time and space is propelled through life by a variety of cravings. You may call them desires, needs, or habits, but no matter the name, these deep longings constantly appear. Some may be immediate and seemingly superficial, like craving food or craving good marks. Others are closer to the core of our being, existing as cravings for love, for meaning, or for power.

MyCravings is a blogging community dedicated to connecting you with answers to the questions you are asking – whether they are about meaning, power, love, or about university life and academics. Dig in, ruminate, digest, question, and explore the cravings in your life. We want to energize your quest to find lasting satisfaction by helping you to uncover and understand your cravings through written posts, videos, and photos.

Come and discover, search, and dialogue about what really matters to you.

MyCravings is sponsored by Power to Change. Power to Change is a spiritual movement dedicated to helping people everywhere discover Jesus and experience His life-changing presence. Power to Change Ministries has been giving people the opportunity to discover Jesus, receive training and experience the power of knowing God in Canada since 1967.

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